Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cleaning kettle popcorn maker

Cleaning kettle popcorn maker is the regular maintenance job. After day using kettle popcorn maker we should be do cleaning, remove any oil and grease inside. Cleaning kettle popcorn maker is not difficult if we do regular cleaning. Before do cleaning job make sure the electrical cable is unplug and make sure the kettle popcorn was cold.

For cleaning we just need a clean towel and wipe it the whole popcorn machine inside and outside. For who have mix sugar during popping popcorn, inside kettle popcorn will become have layer of sugar after using the kettle popcorn maker.The layer of sugar will become hard and the thickness will grow up if not do regular cleaning.

Regular cleaning will make our kettle popcorn maker will function properly and lifetime, and for sure the clean machines it best for popping popcorn.If we are popcorn seller the clean machine will make our customer feel satisfy with us.